About J-Term at Occidental College

What is J-Term at Occidental College? Occidental College's J-Term, short for January Term, is a week-long entrepreneurial bootcamp that takes place at Oxy. The first J-Term program at Occidental took place in January of 2014. Originally, it started off as a small look into what the entrepreneurial world is like. Now, it has grown into a career-changing experience for many participants and is an integral part of spreading the entrepreneurial spirit on campus. Occidental participants are able to take classes within multiple academic departments as well as learn from an array of entrepreneurs both at Oxy and at excursions off campus.

Furthermore, participants are able to choose and customize the skills they want to learn. They will either get exposed to the computer skills they want to learn, or create an adobe project that suits their entrepreneurial needs. By the end of the course, they will be equipped with skills related to design thinking, the process of ideation and the theory of a lean start-up. Throughout the week, the aspiring entrepreneurs will also have the backing of the HCC to advance their personal and professional goals.

On top of all that, they will have the opportunity to connect with many community leaders in social, non-profit, and for-profit entrepreneurial ventures via on site speakers and excursions throughout Los Angeles. All of these will contribute towards a final entrepreneurial project, which will receive the full backing of the whole mentorship network that they are exposed to as well as many other final prizes to be won. In the past, students have developed these final projects into student businesses or personal initiatives.

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