J-Term 2018 Day 4 | MLK Day

For MLK Day, we took a moment to take a step back from J-Term’s focus on entrepreneurship to look at the bigger picture. Professor Dean began the day by teaching us about social enterprises and the importance of having empathy and ethics within the business world. We were inspired by her dream to not have the term “social enterprise” exist anymore because all companies should care about their impact on the world.

In the afternoon, the student leadership team (Ethan, Esmé, Liam, and Sharon) lead the group through a session focused on inclusive entrepreneurship. We discussed the importance of diversity within the leadership of businesses and within our own J-Term teams. Overall, we focused on developing a stronger understanding of our teams and the people in them. We learned to not only recognize diversity, but also to respect it, and how to utilize it to its fullest potential.

Lastly, to end MLK Day we watched Netflix’s The 13th as a group. The movie is an incredibly powerful documentary on the systematic and historical racism that engulfs our nation’s prisons. It is an eye-opening movie that we all highly recommend you take the time to watch. Learn more about it here.

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