J-Term 2018 Day 2 | Design Thinking

On the second day of J-Term, Professor Dean lead us through a discussion on design thinking, an idea inspired by The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Professor Dean is an incredible speaker and we were so grateful to hear her insights on the book. Specifically, we discussed how the best path to success for a business is to go through a process of building, measuring, and learning.

After the design thinking session, students broke into their first classes of the week! Students had the option to learn creative media skills with Professor Keeler, or computer programing skills with Professor Miller. This is a great opportunity for students to tailor their J-Term experience to their interests so that they can get the most out of it.

To end the day, Jason from Hameetman Career Center lead all of us through an in-depth networking session. We had a great time learning the do’s and don’t’s of networking, and how to build positive and mutually beneficial relationships. As you can see, J-Term is so much more than just an entrepreneurial workshop. At J-Term, you can build your professional skills, grow your self-confidence, and learn more about your ideas, passions,  and dreams.

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