Each group will have 20 minutes to present their project, highlighting their motivation for the project, their passion, how they came up with the idea. The judges, drawing on their experience as a professional with very specific skills, will provide constructive feedback that will help each group improve their idea, project, or presentation skills.

As each individual/group presents, judges will write comments and rate presenters using the criteria and feedback form (rubric) found below. At the end of each presentation, each judge will have a chance to ask questions and provide some verbal feedback as well. The judges' written feedback sheets will be shared with the students.

Once the presentations have concluded, the panel of judges will have 30 minutes to compile and choose the winning group of J-Term 2016.

1) Present to Oxypreneurship Student Leadership

2) Private audience with Mr. Dave Berkus

3) Private audience with GOOD and Grace Kim over dinner