Early in J-Term, participants form groups based on their respective project ideas. For the participants and their respective groups, the Final Pitch Competition is the culminating event of J-Term. The Final Pitch Competition is where the participants get to show off all the skills they learned, in just a week's worth of time. For many, the Final Pitch Competition is just the beginning of the initial investment that participants made to become a successful entrepreneur. Because their is only so much available time to put together a project idea and then come up with a presentation, participants have endless possibilities when it comes to presenting their minimum viable product. 

Furthermore, each year, we bring a panel of entrepreneurial experts to judge our participants projects. The judges have no prior knowledge in terms of the projects ideas that have been created. This is done to ensure that there is no pre-conceived bias going into the final pitches. However, judges do understand that many of these projects have been formed within just a week's worth of time and understand that not all ideas may be fully fleshed out. With that being said, judges are allowed to ask questions as it pertains to the future of the project, the target audience, etc. 

In terms of the actual competition (with different variations depending on the year), the following is the prototypical type of format used each year: Each group will have a certain amount of minutes to present their project, highlighting their motivation for the project, their passion, and how they came up with the idea. Following their presentation, each group will then have a 10 minute question-and-answer session with the expert panel of judges. The panel of experts, will provide constructive feedback that will help them improve their idea, project, or presentation skills. They will also write comments and rate presenters using the criteria and feedback given to them. The written feedback sheets will be shared with all of the participants. Once the presentations have concluded, judges will have 30 minutes to compile and choose the winning group of J-Term (where fantastic prizes will be presented!).

For more information on the judges, prizes, and rubric, look at the individual final pitch pages.